##chrawl Cancelled You read it right, chrawl is cancelled. But fear not, a new one is in the works! After a lot of thinking about this I decided to take the nuclear option and start over. This is because of a few reason, here are the 2 biggest ones:

  1. Bad Code: I started learning Unity when I started on chrawl, so naturally in the process of learning I wrote a lot of Bad code. And I mean a LOT. Reading through older systems now I get nauseous from time to time. This is why in a lot of Devlogs you see the words “optimizing Code”. Obviously I could just rewrite all of it eventually, but I felt like 90% of my time was spent by fixing the previous months 10%. This was frustrating and made me work even less on new things.

  2. Theme: chrawl started out as a fantasy game, heavily focused on magic. You might not have seen a lot of it on the blog but in my free time I did a lot of worldbuilding and had what I think is a really interesting world. However, I felt constrained by the fantasy(=>medieval) setting. A lot of times I wanted to do things like sliding doors, intricate traps, and other fun things, but they just could’t fit into the world.

##What happens next? The thing that will happen immediately is chrawl(prototype) being open sourced. If you want to check out how the game is made take a look here. Unfortunately, a lot of the code is really bad, so if you want to use some of the code, you’re gonna have to scavange the files for usable stuff. All of the code is Licensed with the DBAD Liscense, for details read it in the repo.

Secondly, I have begun working on the ne chrawl, and you can expect devlogs to pop up here in the next few weeks. I’m still building up the core mechanics, so I don’t really have anything to show for yet. What I can tell you is that it will be a science based dragon MMO sci-fi roguelike very similar to chrawl, howerer in a completely different setting. It will of course still be rendered it ASCII(it’s actually ANSI but who cares :P).

For the new chrawl, I want to make devlogs a lot more technical and interesting for people who are making games. I might do some tutorials a la ASCII Shader, or just generally explain systems in more detail.

That’s it for now, see you soon


Written on September 18, 2015