[chrawl] Devlog 1: Animations And Pathfinding

I was relatively busy this week (read as CS:GO and school). However, I managed to get some work done on chrawl. The major things are some animations for hands and a gelatinous cube, as well as pathfinding enemies. Additionally, I worked on concepts for the magic system. As I have things planned right now, chrawl will primarily be focused on magic, which is why I’m starting to think about magic so early indev. First up, Pathfinding enemies: Pathfinding

Also, here’s a gif of some new animations: Animations Yes I know, the left hand looks like some sort of bizarre torch a zombie would carry, I haven’t gotten to animating that one yet.

Now, for the magic system. There will be 3 main types of magic casting.

  1. Simple “Hand Magic”

  2. Tomes

  3. Scrolls

Simple Magic: Small utility and weak offensive/defensive spells, things like a small fireball, a glowing orb of light to act as a torch, a shield, …. . They don’t requiere any itmes to cast.

Tomes: Uncommon spells that are mana intensive and mostly used for combat. I’m considering procedurally generating tomes and implementing something like a library.

Scrolls: One time spells that are rare and extremely powerful. Some may use them to become powerful spellcasters, others who are more oriented on becoming a buisnessman could sell them.

Written on March 6, 2015