[chrawl] Devlog 13: Scrolls'n'daggers

##Daggers Daggers are still very early in development, however I do have some plans for how they will work in the game. A simple dagger isn’t much of a weapon when you have spells in your arsenal. However, enchanting them with Tomes and infusing them with their magical properties will allow you to create powerful weapons.


##Scrolls I finally started working on the scroll rework. Here’s some info:

Scrolls play an important role in chrawl, as they are the primary source of non- offensive magic. Scrolls will be randomly generated to some degree, similar to how Tomes are generated. Scrolls are a scarcity in chrawl, and are subsequently of very high value.

  • [chrawl Design Doc]

Some scrolls will of course have offensive capabilities, however you will find that scrolls allow you to do much more interesting things like Cloaking yourself, pushing Enemies away from yourself, or even bend space and time.

Written on June 19, 2015