[chrawl] Devlog 5: Keep Your Potions

First of all you might notice that the game looks a bit more colorful now, this is thanks to a suggestion by /u/kgtc you can see here

##Potions Only a few things to show this week, the first one being potion inventory. You can scroll through a list of all your potions with [Shift] + [Scroll], and Drop them with [LMB]. Dropping Potions

If you press and hold [LMB], you can charge up a throw. Throwing Potions

##Spells I slightly changed spells to make individual “Spellecules” spread out in a horizontal line rather than a circle. I did this because aiming a spell was really hard when spellecules spread out AROUND your (imaginary) crosshair instead of actually where you pointed.

Spell Horizontal Spread

##Misc Chrawl is now migrated to Unity 5, I still need to port the Shader from IndieEffects to Unity ImageEffects tough.

Written on April 10, 2015