[chrawl] Devlog 6: Health System

#Health and Mana I am still working on optimizing code, and getting some basic game design done. I thought a bit about the health and mana system and decided to give the player an item (Pocketwatch) which tells them how much of each they have left. My intent is to let the player lose/sell this item like any other to allow for some interesting strategies.


The magic system is going to need some reworking as well, however the core functionality will stay the same.

#Team Yesterday, I posted on /r/inat in search for some sound designers and 3d artists. I got a few responses mostly from sound designers, so perhaps the game will have some sound soon. I am still looking for 1 or two 3d artists who are willing to help on a rev-share model. If you are that person, email me at jakkuen@gmail.com.

Written on April 17, 2015