[chrawl] Devlog 8: Tomes And Runes



Here are a few of the runes I made this week. Each runes has a meaning and name, so you will eventually be able to read them. I plan on designing en entire rune alphabet, and maybe letting players write their own tomes.


Right now, the four runes on a tome represent:

  1. Effectiveness Type: Which kinds of enemies does this spell do more/less damage to.

  2. Elemental Damage: Burning, Freezing, Stunning, … .

  3. Number of Projectiles: How many orbs does the Spell create.

  4. Special Modifier: Powerful Runes, that make the Spell Homing, Piercing, Chaining, … .

This week, I plan to complete Tome generation, and then maybe work on Map generation a bit.

Written on May 1, 2015